RS2418+_EW image

  • Параметри24-bay Synology NAS Server for Small and Medium Business( 12 bays on base, expandable to 24 with RX1217/RX1217RP) , 60 m warranty, Rackmount RS2418+_EW
  • Други: Intel Atom C3538 quad core 2.1GHz floating point CPU, 4 GB RAM(up to 64GB), 4x Gbit LAN, max. internal HDD 12 x 12TB (not incl.), hotswap HDD, EXT4 and Btrfs, File/Mail/FTP/Print/DHCP/Directory/VPN/Syslog server,web station, Android/Windows phone app.,sur
  • Гаранция60м
  • Наличностс поръчка
  • Цена с включен ДДС: 4029.60 BGN